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We transform outdoor spaces into more aesthetic, functional, and inviting spaces for residential and commercial customers. No matter what kind of idea you have in kind, our skilled team can bring it to life through professional-quality services.


Craftsmanship • Attention to Detail • Professionalism

Oak River Landscaping is a local provider of artisan landscaping solutions aimed at transforming outdoor spaces to meet your unique needs, goals, and parameters. We’re committed to offering superb quality through the finest materials, highly-qualified team members, and an unmatched dedication to perfection… Read More >>

Why Choose Oak River Landscaping?

There’s no shortage of landscaping options in Marin County, Sonoma, and Napa, but you’re not just looking for someone to clean your yard. You’re looking for landscape artisans with the innovation, expertise, and attention to detail needed to bring the ideal vision of your outdoor space to life. That’s exactly what you get when working with Oak River Landscaping. We’re committed to providing exceptional craftsmanship, transparent customer service, and superb-quality services. For years, homeowners and business owners have chosen Oak River Landscaping for their outdoor needs. Here’s why:

Superb Quality

We’ve developed a reputation as premium-quality landscaping artisans by providing our clients with unparalleled craftsmanship, skill, and commitment.

Premium Materials

Every component of an outdoor landscape contributes to the appearance and standard which is why we only use the highest-quality landscape materials by sourcing from reputable suppliers.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority which is why we’re committed to communicating with our clients regularly and transparently so they always know what to expect. We only consider ourselves successful when our clients reach their goals.

Personalized Solutions

We take the time to understand each client’s unique goals and visions for their outdoor spaces, ensuring our services realize their objectives.

Expert Team

The Oak River Landscape team brings decades upon decades of combined experience to the table which means more creativity, innovation, skill, and passion.


Every single detail of your landscape is taken into consideration by our team to ensure meticulous, comprehensive, and effective solutions that truly transform your space.

Transform Your Outdoor Space

Whether you're in need of residential or commercial landscaping services in Marin County, you can rely on the Oak River Landscape team to deliver premium-quality services that fall directly in line with your vision for your backyard space. We offer a broad array of meticulous, professional, and comprehensive landscaping solutions, ensuring you get the services needed to make the most of your outdoor space. We've already helped dozens of satisfied customers achieve their backyard goals, and we'd be honored to help you do the same. Contact us today to get started.

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We stay on top of projects, specialize in lawn and garden care, and our team is comprised of professional landscapers who take pride in the work they do.


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