Retaining walls

Complex landscaping designs sometimes require retaining walls to prevent soil from spilling over and maintain certain aesthetics. When applied correctly, retaining walls have the potential to add to the aesthetics and functionality of your landscape. 

Retaining Wall Services 

At Oak River Landscaping, we offer diverse retaining wall construction in Marin County, giving local homeowners and businesses a range of materials to choose from: 

Concrete – This standard, low-cost retaining wall material looks great and is incredibly sturdy. 

Stone – Natural stone offers a more natural, authentic look that’s still versatile enough to achieve various looks. 

Poured Concrete – Concrete is strongest when in poured form, offering superiorly sturdy and long-lasting retaining walls. 

Brick – The classic look of brick is a perfect addition to any outdoor space while still offering strong features. 

Wood – A less commonly used material yet offering its own unique aesthetic, wood is affordable, accessible, and natural. 

Stone – In some cases, simple boulders can be used for a natural look. 

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